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*Reserved for adoption*

Parker is a 3 year old, male, pastel clown royal python.  He is super friendly and curious!


*Not yet available for adoption, open to enquiries*

Willow is a 5 year old male Leopard Gecko. He arrived to us in horrific condition and after many months of rehabilitation he was adopted. He was returned to the rescue from no fault of his own and is searching for his forever home! He is a bit on the chunky side at the moment, so needs to lose some weight before adoption- but please feel free to pop us an email for more information


Luna is a 4 year old female Royal Python.  She can be nervous in her enclosure at times due to the neglect she faced in her original home. She is getting much better at being handled and will need a loving and understanding forever home.


*Not yet available for adoption, open to enquiries*

Dylan is a beautiful 4 year old male bearded dragon. He enjoys eating his veggies and climbing. He is very friendly and is searching for a wonderful forever home


*Not yet available for adoption, open to enquiries*

Pepper is a beautiful 3 year old, female, orange ghost royal python.  She is incredibly friendly, curious and is not head shy at all!


*Reserved for adoption*

Digby is an adorable 2 year old male, super hypo leopard gecko. He is so sweet and enjoys exploring his enclosure every night.

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