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We are a non profit exotic animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming  service.  We take in all reptiles and exotic animals, rehabilitate if necessary, and then find them wonderful and knowledgeable forever homes.  Welfare is our number one priority  and we are passionate about correct and up to date husbandry.


If you have an animal that you can no longer look after, have concerns about animal welfare or have found a stray animal, contact us and we can help you!  If you have any questions regarding health or husbandry, pop us a message and we can provide as much information to help as possible.

Due to the current rise in the cost of living there will be a suggested surrender donation, to help us continue our work.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to take on aquatic animals such as terrapins.

We are also accepting donations such as enclosures, heat lamp fixtures, heat mats, thermostats, hides, and food and water bowls; absolutely anything used or new that could help us!

Animals for adoption

There are many animals searching forever homes, click below to see them

Adoption process


Meet our residents!


Monetary donations, enclosures, toys, food, bedding and other donations are more than welcome. Donations are gratefully recieved to help us to continue our work.

Contact Us

You can call or text us at 07464453208

or alternatively

Email us at rubys.reptiles21@gmail.com

Some more wonderful Rescues :

If we cannot provide you with the help required, please remember that there are many more wonderful rescues that can help you.

We are in partnership with Notions Rescue.  Notions rescue is a pet, exotic and wildlife rescue that also provide other services such as boarding and dog walking.  They are dedicated to animal welfare.   Check them out -> http://katesnotions.co.uk/

The South Yorkshire fish and terrapin rescue do incredible work for animal welfare and education.  They have helped us by taking on Bert and Ernie, the yellow bellied terrapins that were surrendered to us.  Check them out -> https://ftrescue.co.uk/  

Reptile Rescue UK is a wonderful and dedicated rescue that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes all sort of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.  They have an extremely knowlegable and fantastic team.  Check them out -> https://thereptilerescueuk.wixsite.com

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More pictures and information can be found on our instagram

We are based in South Wales

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