Adoption Process

  1. If you see an animal you are interested in adopting, send us an email.  Make sure to include any relevent information such as the animals name, your name and any experience or information you know and have.  You can expect a response as soon as possible.

  2. The responding email from us will ask you questions such as: Do you smoke? Do you have children living in the houshold? Do you understand the husbandry of this animal?  Once we hear back from you, if you want, we can arrange a date and time for you to meet the animal.

  3. If all goes well and you meet the criteria for that certain animal we will require photographic evidence of your appropriate and enriching set up for the animal.

  4. If the set up is approved, we kindly ask for a suggested minimum donation to adopt, this helps us continue our work.

Please be patient during this process as we are very cautious about who we rehome our animals to and require as much information about your knowledge as possible.  If we make suggestions about making changes to your set up, please dont take offence, we just want what is best for the animal and for you as their new pet parent!

Contact Us

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